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Interview Alan Bollard, Executive Director APEC: “It’s all about sustainable growth”
The energy strategy of the member countries of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), which represent 60% of world energy demand and include four of the five largest energy users in the world, has evolved from a narrow focus on security of supply to a much broader concern with security of the environment, says Dr Allan Bollard, Executive Director of APEC.

New paradigms for the nuclear energy sector
A wave of innovation is sweeping across the nuclear sector – so much so that it is difficult for financiers to pick winners at this stage. But the biggest innovation may come in the form of a new investment paradigm that involves private investors much more than in the past, writes specialised nuclear energy reporter Dan Yurman.

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Post-Paris: the world is starting on a new energy road
Record growth renewable energy capacity
Global LNG trade up
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Thailand’s blueprint for secure and affordable energy


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