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Each month World Energy Focus will highlight crucial issues and innovation stories in the context of the global reach that only an organisation such as the WEC can provide.

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How do we finance future energy needs? - Latest Energy Trilemma report from the World Energy Council highlights the investment required to achieve affordable, sustainable, secure energy for all.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Voice of power - What electricity companies are saying about the new realities they face: GEI Executive Chair, Philippe Joubert, reveals the results of a survey of its members and explains why policymakers and regulators need to tap into their knowledge and ideas

New era for OIL PRICE as OPEC backs away from output cut...CHINA and RUSSIA close in on another gas deal...US/CHINA carbon pledges boost hopes for Paris climate deal... IEA OUTLOOK warns of STRESSED GLOBAL ENERGY SYSTEM...Testing times for GERMANY's policymakers as 2 big issues keep their energy industry pre-occupied: the energy transition and dependency on Russian gas imports.

Plus our round-up of key global events and more...

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