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Hoesung Lee, new Chairman IPCC: “I want to interact more with the energy sector”
The new chairman of the IPCC, Dr Hoesung Lee, intends to interact more with the energy industry. “We are prepared to broaden our scope of collaboration”, he says, in an exclusive interview with World Energy Focus. Lee, a professor in the economics of climate change, energy and sustainable development at Korea University in Seoul, says “industry, the energy sector in particular, needs to be part of the solution to climate change”. He sees “enormous value” in the “large-scale” deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS).


The great oil shake-out:  how far will it go?
Low oil prices are shaking up the global oil industry. Will they stay low? For how long? And how low is low anyway? These are some of the crucial questions hanging over the global energy sector. World Energy Focus spoke to four experts, including the IEA’s Executive Director Fatih Birol, who put the current market in perspective – and offer a view of the future. Some say we are in a fairly normal cycle. Others see fundamental changes coming.


Portugal’s energy success story: lessons for other countries
Portugal has accomplished a remarkable feat: iIt has successfully liberalised its energy market, greatly expanded its renewable energy sector, lowered CO2-emissions, and made great advances in integrating its electricity and gas sectors with Spain, all of this while the country was hit by a severe economic crisis. Bento de Morais Sarmento, the Executive Secretary of the Associação Portuguesa da Energia, explains what lessons can be learned from the success of Portuguese energy policy.

COP21: The beginning of a major economic transformation

World Energy Council: Give us a carbon price

China and India can transform renewables industry

Energy Trilemma Index: it’s getting harder to make progress

Southeast Asia bucks fossil fuel trend

Plus: a round-up of key global energy events


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